Musings from KC Fashion Week

In many ways, Kansas City Fashion Week reflects everything that The Real KC is all about – supporting local talent, dreaming big, and putting yourself out there. This year's lineup of events did not disappoint and, in a world that seems to spin out of control sometimes, it is worth taking the time to get a little dressed up, grab a drink and take in a show or two. Here's why.

Well, first and foremost, the fashion. Not every item that walks the runway may be right for you, but I guarantee that there will be a look that emerges from around the corner that takes your breath away. Perhaps a simple black dress with an unexpected back will do it, or one of the looks from the Chiefs Style Lounge will get you football ready if you're still a bit depressed that our Royals didn't make it back to the World Series this year. Regardless of your personal style, you will appreciate the cohesiveness of the lines that walk with confidence down the runway and find yourself tapping a foot to the beat of the music.

Secondly, and every bit as important, think about the guts that it takes to put yourself – your designs and execution – out there so publicly. Designers featured vary in experience, some a bit more comfortable with the spotlight than others. But think about it – how comfortable can they really be? Unlike more safe and protected dream followers, fashion designers send their dreams down the runway for all to enjoy (and judge). Sleepless nights of seam finishes and bead work is sent adrift down a walkway like a feather in the wind, a silent prayer most likely accompanying each look on its way. Fashion designers put it out there – all of it. They expose their thoughts, designs, and vision to the world with the hope that people get it. Perhaps their vision isn't one for you, but at least go to support the fact that they had the courage to show it.

And, at the end of each show, applaud. Loudly. Put those hands together for the work product. Send a message to the designer that his or her designs are appreciated for all of the work that went into them. Cheer as they walk down the runway and soak in the warm and giddy goodness of a dream that most of us would never have the courage to follow. Applaud for everything that Kansas City Fashion Week is and all that it stands for and, hopefully, leave a little bit inspired.