DIY Makeup – Wait, what?

We have all grown up with all kinds of home remedies – whether they work or not is a whole other topic.  But what about making your own makeup? Not only can you make products in the comfort of your own kitchen, creating your own makeup can potentially save you money. Here are a few of my favorites that I have shared on media platforms and received great feedback on.  Have fun and enjoy! 

Lip Exfoliate

As we know, cold weather will be here before we know it and that also means dry skin and dry lips!  Let's make a lip exfoliate to get rid of that dry lip and dead skin.  You will need a tablespoon of sugar (brown or white), pea size portion of olive oil, and honey.  Mix the 3 ingredients together and let sit for about 5 to 10 minutes.  Apply it to the lips and, after about 5 minutes, wipe it off and moisturize lips with lip moisturizer.

Nail Polish

You can make nail polish in a color that you can't find in the store using only clear fingernail polish and eye shadow.  Scrape out the eye shadow of choice and smash it into small pieces. Pour it into the clear nail polish and shake vigorously and, there you go – color-of-choice fingernail polish!


Last but not least, make your own lipstick (I mean, why not because you've just exfoliated your lips)! You just need two ingredients -- eye shadow and petroleum jelly.  Take out the amount of jelly you want to use and add the crushed eye shadow and mix together.  You can choose to let it sit and harden for about an hour, or you can use it immediately.  

You probably already have the above things in your home, so it saves you both time and money. What's stopping you? Go and be creative!  

Latrese M. Kabuya is an empowerment coach, professional skin care and make up artist with over 20 years in the beauty industry. Her experience includes countless runway shows, weddings, and photo-shoot events. She has also Freelanced for Estee Lauder, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Lancôme, and Kiehl's. Latrese's affable personality has given her the opportunity to appear as a frequent guest on a local television show Better KCTV5, providing women not only skincare and makeup advice but also coaching women of all ages to embrace a healthy self-esteem.

She got her first taste of makeup artistry when she did her sister's makeup for her wedding. It is at that moment that she discovered a passion to empower women and young girls to P.R.E.T.T.Y. themselves--"Prepare, Redefine, and Express The Total You.” Latrese believes that it is easier to enhance one's beauty when they are P.R.E.T.T.Y. on the inside-.” Her personal life journey has taught her that women go through various phases in their lives. She uses her experience and love for makeup to inspire women to reach for their full potential and manage the challenges set before them.

Latrese’s primary passion of uplifting and encouraging others is achieved through her empowerment coaching. Her life-changing motivational speaking is frequently sought after and featured on her Monday Motivation radio show, Women’s Wellness seminars, beauty clinics and more. She faithfully finds ways to give back to the community at large as an active member, advisor, and chair of several after school initiatives as well as various mentoring programs.

Latrese has a deep conviction, rooted in her Christian belief, that we are uniquely and individually created. She is married to Minister Olivier Kabuya and both are faithful and active members of Harvest Church in Kansas City, MO. Through her own Internet Television Series, “Insights with Latrese,” Latrese passionately empowers individuals to live their best lives through Christ and their individual gifting.

Latrese has five beautiful daughters, Britney, Morgan, Leah, Naomi, and Amina. She is also a surrogate mother and mentor to countless teenage girls in her community.