My Addiction to Metaphysical Fairs

Every year, I go to the Psychic Fair.  The first year, I had seen a neon orange billboard downtown advertising the fair on my way to work and talked a friend into going with me.  She wasn't a believer and went along for the experience and opportunity to provide witty comments to broadcast her skepticism.  And, although a believer myself, I didn't quite buy into the idea that the best-of-the-best psychics, clairvoyants, and energy healers would gather together in a rundown hotel to offer answers to all of life's spiritual questions.  It didn't seem right as we walked by the indoor pool entrance and ATM machine on our way to the ballroom, a red hand stamp marking our way into a world that we had never experienced.  I mean, do spirits really want to compete for chat space?

My friend left a believer; well, okay, if not a believer than less of a skeptic.  A clairvoyant had touched upon something in her life – something immensely personal about someone she loves deeply – and offered insight at a tiny corner table that caused her to walk away with a peace that she hadn't felt upon arrival.  Was this clairvoyant legitimate?  Was she one of the few out there with a gift unexplained and ability to see things that exist on a different plane?  At the end of the night, I came to a realization – it really doesn't matter.  This woman made my friend feel more at peace about a difficult situation and, to me, that's a wonderful thing (but, seriously, there's no way this woman could have known what she knew and the details that went along with it).

I've gone every year since, although the friend or group of friends who go with me often changes.  Some are curious, others a bit fearful, and still others who hold onto the crystals sold at a vendor's table like they're the key to unlocking a spiritual unknown.  I have had so many different experiences over the years with talented readers that I am quite comfortable saying there's something there – something we don't know that others can tap into.  I have my favorite now, a sweet and kind spiritual reader who is gentle and yet firm in her delivery of news that my spirit guides feel I need to hear.  And, believe me or not when I say that she has been right about many things, some of which I would have loved for her to be wrong about.

My life is chaotic, and stressful, and crazy.  It is full of love, and decisions, and exciting challenges.  Yes, 364 days a year I have to deal with all of it, but there's just one day that I allow for someone else to offer a little insight, a little guidance.  Sometimes, it's just nice to hear that everything's going to okay.  The world – especially lately – seems so full of hatred and violence.  News stories shower us with headlines about Americans stress levels and I read them with little surprise.  Let yourself fall into the morass of insecurities and indecision and you'll be swallowed whole.  I choose to live lightly and believe in the power of spiritual positivity; if I truly believe that my life is but a feather in the wind, how else can I expect to fly?

Tiffany wears many hats, but prefers the comfy one from her alma mater that
she wears cheering her boys on from the stands.  Her resume may read lawyer, 
author, and freelance writer, but she thinks a description of life juggler, 
worry wart, and latte-lover might provide a more accurate picture of her
daily life.  A scribe at-heart, Tiffany loves writing stories that speak to
readers' hearts and enjoys tackling the subjects that invite conversation
and debate.  With articles featured in 435 Magazine, NORTH, and M Magazine, 
Tiffany served as Editor-in-Chief of NORTH Magazine after leaving private
practice in 2015.  She has been a contributing writer with the Kansas City
Moms Blog and has appeared on Fox 4's Morning Show, The Now KC, and Better
KC to discuss her blog posts and magazine articles.  Her first novel, Six
Weeks in Petrograd, was published in 2013 and she is currently working with
her agent to sell two manuscripts that she's convinced would make fantastic
films starring Ben Affleck.  You can find Tiffany sitting on the second
floor of her favorite coffee shop in Parkville, strolling English Landing
Park with her husband and two boys, or trying not to be "that mom" at her
sons' baseball games.