Q & A with a Psychic (or Two)

Say the word “psychic” and there will be a response one way or the other – believers arguing for the validity of such powers and skeptics sharing a range of hoax stories to discredit those who believe otherwise.  Wherever you may fall on the spectrum, a glimpse into the unknown is always intriguing; a trip to Kansas City’s Annual Metaphysical Fair may be even more appealing if you don’t have to actually sit in a chair and await snippets of your future told.  We decided to provide readers that little glimpse here, a Q & A session with two local psychics the first step toward educating yourselves without leaving the comfort of your own home.  And, if response to this first excerpt is as positive as we think it will be, we’ll continue to share Q & A sessions with Shellie Jennings and Natosha Keefer and welcome questions from our readers to add to future articles.  

1)  What does a psychic do?  Is there a difference between a psychic and clairvoyant?

Shellie:  Psychics draw on their inner abilities of knowing; the type of “inner” knowing can be broken down into different sensory types, such as:  Clairvoyant (seeing visions or pictures); Clairsentient (knowing the messages); and Clairaudient (hearing the messages). A psychic can have one or any combination of these gifts.

 2)  What is an aura?  Does it change over our lifetime?

Shellie:  An aura is the energy field that surrounds the entire body that appears as colors of light as we change our thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior. The colors can always change; when we are sad or mad, our colors can become week or dingy. When we are happy or uplifted, the colors can be bright and vibrant.  The intensity and shade of an aura’s color can represent the stages of life development.

Natosha: Colors can represent the emotional state you’re in in the moment. They can shift as you become sensitive to your surroundings; auras can also surround objects, places, and nature.  Aura is the colorful energy that surrounds each of us, revealing our challenges, strengths, hopes, and spiritual path through unique dances of color!

3)  How do you paint someone’s aura?

Natosha:  I "tap into" a higher source as soon as I see you and sit down for your painting. Before my paint brush touches the canvas, I can sense the issues weighing on your mind, using my intuitive insight to determine how best to share the information you need to move forward in the most productive way. Before you ask what certain colors mean on the canvas, I have taken my painter's brush/spatula and blended/woven the color into another, stopping every now and then to share a fact or two (that there's no way I should know!). When I’m painting the aura, we are sharing energy. I can sense it, taste it, feel it and see it.  Motivated by helping people to reach their potential in life and goals, I admit the auras that I observe are not always clear, bright, and positive. For example, if someone is in a particularly dark place, an aura's color may appear foggy during a reading/painting. I won’t just tell you what you want to hear, however; I will tell you what I believe you need to hear in the moment to take the journey in life that's meant for you. Please keep in mind, readings can change because you want to change!!

4)  How did you each discover that you have a gift?

Shellie:  As a child , I felt like I could turn into anything (like a bird) or become anything (like a table or tree). As I came into my teenage years, I began knowing things were going to happen to people before they did. I remember one Sunday afternoon in church, a father of one of the other teenagers caught my eye. He was reading some of the literature and announcements on the bulletin board. At that moment, the thought went through my mind that this was the last day we would see him.  The following Wednesday, he had a heart attack while cutting grass and died instantly.  

Natosha: As a child, I could see colors and sense there was something wrong in someone’s life. As a little girl, I would take different crayons around the house and color the rooms that I felt needed the colors that I saw.  One night while staying at my nana’s house, I saw my grandpa walking around the house even though he had died before I was born. I knew things and knew at that moment there was more about myself that I wanted to learn and share my gift in a positive way.

5)  Some people are reluctant to talk to a psychic because they believe it’s against their religion.  What do you think?

Shellie:  People tend to think that if you’re psychic or intuitive, you don't believe in God or associate with religion. For me, that could not be farther from the truth. I grew up southern Baptist and a lot of the things about my upbringing helped develop my faith and my belief. For me, spirituality is my connection to God and religion; it's the way we express it to the world. Religions are man-made, but your connection to spirit is personal. We all have different personalities and religion helps us express it to the world.

Natosha: My parents were forced to go to church as children and wanted to raise me to find my own beliefs. I do believe in God and my spiritual awareness. I was able to develop my faith in a way that wasn't forced on me.

6)  How has your view of life changed since realizing you have a gift?

Natosha: I love that I am now more aware of my surroundings, have greater self-acceptance, and have experienced personal growth. I have been able to look in and outward, asking myself what do I what to accomplish, how do I create my true reality, and how can I inspire others to see and know their true selves.  My ability has changed my life for the better; I've changed the way I speak, my choice of words, have developed a more open mind, and approach life experiences differently.

7)  Do you believe that everyone has psychic abilities?  If so, how do people tap into them?

Natosha: I believe that everyone has the ability and potential to develop their psychic intuition, but success will depend on level of open mindedness and willingness to do the work.