Your Unique Style is the New Power Dressing

Think back to the 90s -- an era of the power suits and clothes that, whether intentional or not, sent the message that powerful women should dress like their male counterparts in the boardroom.  Thankfully, later decades welcomed outside-the-box thinking and a greater appreciation for the individual style that accompanied the personalities running the meetings. The traditional power dressing of a nice suit and heels has since evolved into a fun, edgy, and dynamic new dress code that is professional yet individualistic. Women are rewriting the rules of the workplace as we speak in many areas of leadership, management, and collaboration, but what about workwear? 

Learn more about the new rules for power dressing on STOMP, by Vanessa Zambo, a vice president in marketing and communications, who has developed a web series designed to help women find their own unique style in the workplace.