When life doesn't go according to plan...

I’m a planner. Plans are nice. You know what’s coming. They’re safe.

I’ll admit it – I’m type-A and ambitious, almost to a fault.

But I really just realized that in the last three months. I’ve been so busy chasing dreams and crossing off the to-do list, I’ve forgotten to how to just let life happen. So when it felt like every major life plan I made for myself was falling through…. Well, I’m still figuring that out. And that’s OK.

It’s not easy when a relationship fails or a job doesn’t come through, and the pressure to “have it all” just keeps building. Being a 20-something these days can be TOUGH. It’s easy to look around at other millennials and feel left behind, or like what YOU are doing on a daily basis isn’t enough. But instead of focusing so much on the PLAN, I’m focusing on preparation.

Write down things I’m thankful for everyday. Three short bullet points and I quickly realize a minor setback isn’t the end of the world. #perspective.

Learn to go with your gut. Your gut will never serve you wrong. Maybe you don’t like the answer it’s telling you, but ultimately, you know it’s for the best.

Find a few #motivationalmonday quotes that speak to you. Then live by them. Example A:

While you’re out there hustling 40+ hours a week trying to get to that next goal, stop and smell the roses. Have a little fun.

Scrap the plan and let life happen. You never know what wonderful thing is waiting right around the corner.