The New Face of Addiction

It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t been touched by addiction in some way – friends, family members, colleagues, or acquaintances battling demons that only they can see.  Much is written of the heroin epidemic in the United States, the numbers rising so rapidly that it is hard to read the news on any given day and not see a related story.  How did this happen?  Why are parents losing their children, children losing their parents, and friends losing their loved ones to a battle that seems so dangerous to engage in?  

The answer – like so many others – is both simple and complicated in its scope, stories told both similar and vastly different in their details.  I decided to write about this topic to share the painful story of those who have witnessed the disastrous consequences of addiction first-hand with the hope that others could become informed and, perhaps, take the steps needed to save themselves or someone else.  For my article, please see this month’s issue of 435 magazine