Summer Fashion Trends

The summer Solstice has passed, the heat has set in, and your wardrobe surely consists of some great shorts and tanks! But...does your wardrobe contain the hottest summer fashion trends? Let’s find out!

Statement Shorts

Most of us wear shorts, nearly daily, during the hot Summer months. There are various lengths, cuts, and colors to choose from, making it relatively easy to find something that you’re comfortable wearing. However, wearing the same denim or khaki shorts can get kind of boring. Enter the statement short! Statement shorts do just that...they make a statement! There are tons of fun prints and colors to choose from, so even if you are a little uneasy about wearing a statement piece, you’re sure to be able to find something you love! When the shorts have multiple colors in their print, that gives you multiple color options for the shirt. More options = Versatility! Versatility = Money Savings! You can get great tips and outfit inspiration (and inexpensive options!) over on my blog.


Basically the opposite of statement shorts? White everything. Of course you don’t need to wear white from head-to-toe, but white is a very very on-trend color this summer! Adding in white to your wardrobe helps to make a clean, crisp statement. A pretty white dress, white trouser pants, white lace shorts, a white eyelet skirt...the possibilities are endless! If you need to add a little white to your business-chic wardrobe, try a fun pair of white linen trouser pants like these from Lauren Ralph Lauren! “Winter white” has also been on-trend the past couple of winter seasons so you could totally wear them year-round!

Rompers & Jumpsuits

Rompers and jumpsuits have made a huge comeback and are one of the biggest trends this year. If you go to the mall, you will likely find a one-piece outfit in nearly every store! One of my favorite jumpsuits that is available at Oak Park Mall right now is this black sleeveless jumpsuit from H&M. The flowy fabric plus the wide legs give it a very chic look. If you need to cover your shoulders, a denim jacket would be a great addition! Want to show off those legs in a romper? Try out this white and black striped romper from Loft! 


Speaking of stripes… Stripes are pretty much always in fashion and this summer is no different! Whether you opt for a simple striped tee or more of a statement piece like this bow-front striped tank, you can be sure that you’re rocking one of this year’s hottest trends! Maybe you prefer to wear your stripes in the form of shorts instead of a shirt. If that’s the case, check out the striped statement shorts I have available (for under $15!) at New Dawn Boutique!

Espadrille Wedges

Alright...we’ve covered some of the hottest summer clothing trends. Now, let’s move to shoes and accessories! As for shoes, one of the biggest current trends is the espadrille wedge. Wedges have been hot for a few years now, but the natural look of the roping on the wedge and heel are transforming the already-popular shoe! These amazing black espadrille wedges are available through Vince Camuto’s website, or you can find other great colors like denim, brown, white, and black/gold that are available at Macy’s or Nordstrom.

Want to see more espadrille wedges and other shoes that are on-trend right now? Follow my “Summer Shoe Goals” board on Pinterest!

Long Necklaces

One last summer trend that I want to suggest for you is that of the long necklace. A long necklace can be added to just about every outfit you own for that extra pop of style. Whether it’s a long, multi-strand necklace or a long pendant necklace, adding in this accessory will dress up any outfit.

I hope you’ve gained some outfit inspiration from this post! Fashion should never be about following the latest trends just to follow them, but rather tweaking those trends to fit your personal style to make you feel good about yourself! I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or feel free to email me at!