From Her Makeup Bag to Yours: One Professional's List of Do's and Don'ts

You don't have to search long to find rules and tips for applying makeup or YouTube tutorials for how to create a sought-after look. I have worked in the makeup industry for 25+ years and have learned a thing or two, lessons and tips of the trade that can help transform your entire look with practice and a little know-how. My personal list of makeup Do's and Don'ts is long, but below are a few of my favorites to help you achieve the ultimate goal – enhancing your natural beauty!

Credit: prettydesigns

Credit: prettydesigns

The DO'S:

  • DO have a great skin care regimen for your face. A great look starts with a healthy clean canvas, so wash your face with a cleanser morning and night. Depending on your skin type and skin care needs, you may need to add a serum or moisturizer to that regimen.

  • DO match your foundation to your undertone. You are either a cool, neutral, or warm undertone and that is what you look for when you are choosing your foundation color. If your foundation is too light or too dark it will look like you are wearing a mask.
  • DO learn which eye shadow colors will help enhance the color of your eyes. Be creative!
  • DO shape your brows. The best brows will frame and compliment your face. Remember to always follows your brow's natural arch for the best look.
  • DO have fun with makeup, but practice is key. Be creative and try different makeup techniques. The best part of trying different ideas is you can always wash it off if you don't like it and start over (you might not want to try to create a smokey eye for the first time on your way to a work event).
Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube


  • DON'T forget to blend. A flawless look is a natural look, but it is hard to achieve if you have streaks and lines. Blend is your friend.
  • DON'T apply makeup in bad lighting. Many people don't think about this, but lighting can make all the difference between good and bad makeup application. Use as much natural light as possible.
  • DON'T overdo highlighting and contouring. This can be an especially tricky tip to follow if you've watched online instructional videos by women who have come close to mastering the technique. If you're just stepping into the highlighting and contouring pool, tread slowly and carefully; these techniques should look natural by sculpting your natural features and giving your face dimension. Less is more.
  • DON'T sleep in your makeup. We've all done it a time or two, but the time saved by not thoroughly washing your face can result in clogged pores, acne, and aging of your skin. If you don't feel like washing your face, at least use makeup wipes.
  • DON'T keep old makeup. Check the expiration dates for products in your makeup bag and toss the ones that have expired. Bacteria can grow on old products and it's a great opportunity to replenish your collection and try that new shade of eye shadow.