What is life care?

To help explain, let me tell you about my friend Nicole. Maybe you can relate …

Meet Nicole. She is a mom, a wife, a daughter and a teacher. She is a busy lady and it is challenging, to say the least, to balance all of the hats she is wearing. If you were to ask her, she would say she doesn’t quite feel like she is 100 percent of anything right now, but she is a fairly positive person and wants more than anything to support her family and enjoy a long, healthy life.

Photo by Ariel Skelley

Photo by Ariel Skelley

Here is a snapshot of Nicole’s life:

It’s back to school time for her and her kids and their list of activities seems endless – soccer, dance, scouts … the list goes on. Nicole’s mom is starting to have a few health problems pop up. She tells Nicole that she needs to follow up with the doctor about her blood sugar because it was a little high at her last check-up and she just hasn’t been feeling quite right. Nicole and her husband haven’t had much time with each other lately with work, parents and the kid’s activities. They miss their time together. It feels like this is an endless cycle and it’s not getting better on its own. They are driving through the fast food lane more often than they like to admit and feeling less in control of their health.

What Nicole wants?

Nicole would like to make sure her family is getting healthy meals and staying active. She wants to set a great example for her children and be there to support them. She feels like if she could spend a bit more time with her parents, she could help them improve some of their menu choices as well and maybe that would help with her mom’s blood sugar concerns. In the midst of all of this, she feels it’s time for her to get her master’s degree if she is going to do it. Oh, and perhaps somewhere in the middle of this, a date with her husband would be nice.

Are you Nicole?

Can you imagine how Nicole feels? Can you imagine how the stress, over time, could contribute to health concerns for Nicole? Nicole needs Life Care. An approach to look at all areas of her life and form a Life Plan to help her fulfill her goals and accomplish living that long, healthy life. Typical health care would only focus on Nicole’s present symptoms and treat her if she gets sick. And, although it is very essential to treat sickness, Life Care includes the equally important intent to live life vibrantly, treat the whole person and work to prevent conditions that come about when too much time has been spent making poor lifestyle choices.

Treating the whole person includes looking at all dimensions of life – health, career, finances, relationships, creativity, lifestyle and inner peace – and how they come together to affect overall well-being. Life Care is health care reimagined. Life Care is about all members of the care team from doctor, nutritionist, chef, personal trainer, life and wellness coach, Life Celebrant, to care manager being available to help Nicole form a Life Plan that will help her address all her needs so Nicole can thrive, not just survive.