The Book Shelf: End of Summer Getaways

Summer is almost over, the kids are back to school and the temperatures will soon be cooling down. If you are contemplating a last-minute summer trip, or maybe just a few minutes outdoors, these items will transport you to faraway places where you can get some much needed rest and relaxation.  


The Little French Bistro

By:  Nina George

Marianne has had enough. She is tired of being unhappy and feels trapped in her loveless marriage to her domineering husband, Lothar. When Marianne and Lothar go on holiday in Paris, she seizes an opportune moment to commit suicide by throwing herself into the Seine. Fortunately for Marianne, she is not successful, and several local tramps fish her out of the river and rescue her. During her subsequent hospital stay, Marianne cannot face returning home with her husband and instead runs away into the French countryside. When she leaves, her only plan is to escape from her current life and try to find her way to the seaside village of Kerdruc, which she discovered on a painted tile she stole from a nurse. Through a series of fortunate encounters, Marianne embarks on a path that leads her to the idyllic seaside village of her dreams. Once in Kerdruc, Marianne discovers a new way of life, friends, love, and more importantly, she rediscovers herself.  

The story of Marianne’s adventures will captivate readers and pull at their heartstrings. Marianne’s courageous and sensitive character elicits feelings of sympathy and camaraderie. The themes of self-discovery and love will appeal to readers of all genres.  If you are looking for a well-written low-key romance, check out this latest work by bestselling author George.    



Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s guide to the world’s hidden wonders

By: Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras, and Ella Morton

Atlas Obscura is a travel guide for those with a thirst for adventure and culture. The authors, Foer, Thuras, and Morton are also the founders of the online travel magazine of the same name. The purpose of this book was to gather the most popular and interesting locations that the authors discovered through their work with the online magazine in to one printed volume. The work includes a variety of intriguing destinations from around the globe and lists more than 700 places in total. One of the primary goals of this work is to showcase places that are off the beaten path. Foer, Thuras, and Morton have made sure to include locations on all seven continents as well as many hidden gems in-between. Some of the more interesting destinations included in the guide are: Pope Leo’s Bathroom in Holy See, Rome; Museum of Counterfeit Goods, Bangkok, Thailand; City of the Dead, Cairo, Egypt; Magnetic Shifting Sands in Olouvai Gorge, Great Rift Valley, Tanzania; The Cage of Death at Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia; Nazca Lines, Nazca, ICA, Peru; Blood Falls, Mcmuroo Dry Valleys, Victoria Land, Antartica; and Uranium City in Saskatchewan, Canada.

This New York Times bestseller will delight readers of all genres. The descriptions for each destination are short and readers can quickly find areas of interest in the organized layout by continent. If you crave a unique travel experience, or just enjoy armchair traveling, this book will delight you with descriptions of many remote and interesting destinations.  

If you like these books and would like to find similar titles, check out NoveList Plus.  This online resource, available through the Mid-Continent Public Library, will help you find fiction books that appeal to your personal reading style.  For both fiction and non-fiction readers, NextReads  can help you decide what to read next by sending e-newsletters with items that fit your reading preferences.

Stacy Hisle-Chaudri is the Assistant Branch Manager at the Parkville Branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library. Stacy has worked in library and archival environments for ten years, and is a native of the Kansas City area. She has a Master of Library and Information Science from Wayne State University and a Master of Arts in History from the University of Central Missouri. Her areas of expertise are reader’s advisory, technology instruction, and genealogy research.