Picture Day

Nobody likes picture day.  I know this.

I have yet to have someone call me and say,  “I LOVE having my picture taken.  Pretty please can I come over and will you take tons of pictures of me until my eyes water and my cheeks hurt?”

Nope, it never happens.

It probably stems all the way back to picture day in school.  Hands down, the worst picture I ever took was my seventh grade yearbook picture.  Seriously – awful.  I’ll spare you from looking at it (it’s still embarrassing).  Braces, 80’s bangs, turquoise mascara, need I say more?

So, admittedly, I share your nerves when it comes to being photographed myself.  Even as a professional photographer, I still shy away from the need to be front-and-center.  But, as adults in the media era we live in – headshots are a must.  Let me say that again – a MUST.

If you still think of headshots as glossy 8x10s that actors carry around with them to auditions, it’s time to reassess.  Think about it – virtually every social media forum provides space for a profile picture and you’re not going to give off the professional vibe that you’re shooting for it you use a cropped image taken at the latest happy hour.  We all need professional photos for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, our blog, company websites, business cards, key notes, etc., and the type of photograph used will depend on where you’re using it. Overwhelming, I know, but necessary to think about. A few tips:


  • (Men) Be freshly shaven
  • Be Freshly powdered
  • Wear green, purple or teal if you have green/hazel eyes
  • Wear dark blue if you have blue eyes
  • Try simple/small patterns or textures 
  • Wear Minimal jewelry
  • Layer
  • Iron


  • Wear all black or all white
  • Chew Gum
  • Wear a scarf or Turtlenecks
  • Wear Yellow

The absolute most important thing I learned – is that we never ever see ourselves the way others see us. So follow the guidelines, and give yourself some grace to embrace the fact that we are all beautiful.  In my next post, I’ll discuss some specific do’s and don’ts of profile pics.