Get Your Mammogram on the Big Pink Bus, Really? I tried it out…

My job, in a nutshell, is to help businesses, organizations and events in Kansas City to book this beautiful pink mobile mammography coach. Most of the time the people I talk to say it’s a great idea! But, occasionally, I get someone that says “Why would a woman want to go onto an RV to get her mammogram?”

That had me wondering: “Why not? It’s right outside your office, or your supermarket, or at the holiday fair while you’re shopping. So easy, right?” Well, since I’m the person at Diagnostic Imaging Centers telling people that they must book our beautiful Mobile 3D Mammography Coach, I decided I better try it out for myself.

Now, I’m not old enough yet to be required to get my yearly mammogram. But, I am within the guidelines to get a screening, base-line mammogram. That means when I turn 40 the radiologists will have an idea of what my lovely breasts used to look like. They can’t change that much, can they? I certainly hope they don’t.

But, I want an idea of what they did look like just in case. You never know. And, it doesn’t hurt to know what it feels like to get a mammogram… well, it does hurt, a little, but you get the point. I mean, I’m telling women they should have it done for their health and wellness. So why shouldn’t I have it done too?

And, while I don’t have a family history of breast cancer, this really doesn’t matter as more than 75% of women with breast cancer don’t have a family history.

So, here I go. I took the drive out to our mobile mammography unit. On this particularly cold, blustery, winter day it was parked at a Harley-Davidson dealership with a light snowfall surrounding it. I’m not really a motorcycle fanatic, but no better time than the present, right?

I’ll have to admit; I was more nervous than I thought I would be. Add to that the fact that I couldn’t wear deodorant as it can interfere with interpreting the images, I was sweating a bit despite the 30-degree weather. But, luckily, I am very familiar with the technologist doing my study. And, I had just spent the day before working on the mobile side-by-side with her.

(this is my "I'm nervous" face)

(this is my "I'm nervous" face)

Okay, so I’ve made the decision. I sit down at the check-in area of the RV (which I know would usually be a couch or a kitchen if it wasn’t a mobile mammogram unit). Bob is my receptionist that day. He patiently goes through the things he needs in order for me to get my results, yadda yadda yadda.

Now, honestly, I’m starting to get a little twisted in the stomach. Why am I nervous? I have nothing to worry about, right? Or do I?

But, then comes Katie (the technologist). She walks me back to the changing room (which would typically be the bathroom, I would guess). She walks me through the rules, no deodorant, clothes off from the waist up, gown open in the front, any dangly jewelry off, and come out when I’m ready.

Am I ready? Ok. Yup. Ready. I think. Can I turn back? Nope, now or never!

Then, she humorously tells me the positions she’s about to put me in may seem a little contortionist, but she assures me if I relax and follow her instructions, it will go smoothly and quickly.

And, it really did. She put me where I needed to be, told me to relax but stay still, and took the 4 images she needed. I thought “Wow, really? It’s over already? That didn’t even hurt.”

(thinking, "not that bad!")

(thinking, "not that bad!")

I opted for the 3D because dense breast tissue runs in my family (3D gives you the best images of dense breasts). And, I’m glad I did. She showed me one of my images and explained the difference of dense tissue and fatty tissue. I’m glad she did because this helps me explain these issues to people when out in the community.

Finally, I re-dressed, said thank you and hit the road back to the office. It was quick and painless – literally. I think the whole process was about 15 minutes or less! Easy peasy! Seriously ladies, if you want this convenience, we really will come to your site! It’s super simple.

Okay – back to booking the mobile mammoth, the boob bus, whatever people out there are calling it. But, you will ALWAYS hear me refer to it as the “Mobile 3D Mammography Coach.” If you want more information on the coach – visit and click the button inside the pink banner. I’ll get back to you quickly – and will be able to answer all of your questions as both a patient, and advocate/coordinator.