Fall Floral Guide

Being a floral designer allows me the opportunity to work with flowers and colors in all seasons of the year. I would be hard-pressed to determine a favorite. However, there is something about fall that I always look forward to. Maybe it is because there is such an abundance of colors and textures that seem so cozy.

Fall is a time of year for me to explore the rich harvest that is available. The cooler temperatures still allow for beautiful flowers, but in addition, unique and interesting textures appear.

When thinking about table designs for fall, I definitely want to capture the spirit of the season and it isn’t always pumpkins and wheat stalks. Its rich, bold colors along with touches of organics and containers help to enhance the flower choices.

1. I always feel like the container needs to be part of the centerpiece so I usually take time to choose. The brown clay pot for this centerpiece feels like fall to me. Filling it with flower foam is how I normally begin. I chose the floral foam because of the amount of flowers I wanted to include, as well as the size of the stems.


2. Laying out all the flowers I plan to use for a centerpiece is always helpful. I can separate flowers by color and size so that I see what I have and determine the focal areas of my design.

3. I usually begin by adding fresh greenery first. This allows me to determine the dimensions of my floral design and how far out I am going to extend my fresh flowers. Most of the time I start with the larger and more focal flowers. For this design I placed my green hydrangea and purple stock blossoms first. It doesn’t look like much…. but wait!


4. After adding blooms one at a time the shape begins to fill in and the design becomes beautiful! I try to design blooms in small clusters and mix the colors so they are pleasing to the eye. The shape of the design follows the shape of the container and becomes more oval than round. This design is versatile and can be used on the center of the table, as well as entry tables, mantles, and coffee tables.

I would encourage anyone who is beginning the process of decorating for fall to spend some time outside and see the things that define the season. Bringing them into your home can make it feel cozy and comforting to those who visit. Happy Fall!!

Andrea is an event floral artist based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Her company, Andrea K. Grist Floral Designs, serves the greater Kansas City area and beyond. Flowers have always been her passion and she has been showcasing her beautiful flowers and designs for over 15 years.
Her passion has taken her from coast to coast partnering with other top designers to create amazing events. Andrea is part of the prestigious Chapel Designers, an international group of stylish wedding experts. She is currently the only Missouri based designer to be included.
Her newest creative project “Color in Bloom- A Floral Journey” is a book inspired by the everyday beauty of color. Andrea also hosts floral workshops with design and floral education. Garden clubs, book groups, and agricultural students are among some of the many.

Andrea lives with her husband and five children in Lee’s Summit, MO and takes pleasure in writing, traveling hiking, and snuggling up with her babies.

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