Keep in-the-Know: A List of Must-Have Apps

As an intern with The Real KC and a high school student at Park Hill South, I like to consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to the apps I use on a daily basis. With the thousands of apps out there for us to download, it gets pretty difficult to sort through which ones are helpful and which ones are duds. So, to avoid the time-consuming process of figuring out just how helpful an app actually is, I’ve made a list of all the apps I think are must-downloads. These apps are here to make lives easier for all age groups so you get your app store ready! 

Find my iphone

Calling all forgetful people out there! Raise your hand high and proud, because no longer will you be asking your friends, “Hey can you call my phone, I can’t remember where I put it.” With this iphone app, you type in your apple id on a friend's phone and before you know it, your lost phone is making a noise and shows a picture of where your phone is on a map in relation to your location. Trust me - your friends will thank you.


College kids will be more than grateful for this new cash app that allows you to pay friends back on your phone with your credit card. Forget about having to find the closest ATM and getting charged an extra $4 just to take money out, and do it over your phone without the hassle.

Dark sky

Let’s be honest, sometimes the weather app just won’t cut it. When you need a more accurate source of weather information this app provides forecasts down to the minute for right where you are standing. It comes in handy when trying to make outdoor plans and makes this app worth remembering.


To all the book lovers out there, if you haven’t already downloaded the kindle app, now is the time. This app makes it easier to read anywhere - with the swipe of a thumb your page is turned. This app shows you how many minutes are left in your chapter and in your book, so instead of giving your friend a vague time line like, “Okay, I’ll be ready to go with you when I finish my chapter,” you can just tap your screen and say, “Okay, I’ll be ready to go in thirteen minutes.” Read your new must-reads on this must-have app.


 Feeling risky and want to try the new restaurant that just opened up downtown? It might be smart to check the reviews first before you try their soup-of-the-day. With Yelp, you have access to reviews of just about every restaurant right at your fingertips

Tappd- (21 & over) 

Ever look at a restaurant's brewery list and thought, “Well, that sounds good, but I wonder if it’s the beer I had at the one restaurant downtown and... did I like it?” Well, the days of trying to remember before the waiter comes by are over. With this app you can add to your list of beers you’ve tried along with a rating to remember just how much you liked it or if it’s not worth getting again.

Post Mate-(18 & over) 

Feeling lazy but craving Farm House’s weekly brunch like crazy? Have no fear, Post Mate is here. With this genius app you can have food delivered to you from all over the city without even having to move from your couch. Just type in your address and what you want and a Post Mate delivery person will be there in no time. This 24/7 business has you thinking, “Why wasn’t this a thing sooner?”


If you have been talking about that one thing that needs to get fixed in your house or stressing about your disaster of a closet, this app is just what you need to motivate you. The BrightNest app is packed full of guides and tips for everything from DIY to organizing and cleaning.

Uber- (18 & over) 

If you know college then you know driving yourself isn’t always the easiest or best option. With uber, you can type in your location, where you want to go, and pay before you even step foot in the car. The easiest form a transportation is all the more easier with this app. 

Got Milk?

If you’re tired of your kids complaining about not getting good food when you are at the grocery store (even though they never tell you what they want beforehand), then this app is a must for your family. The user-friendly grocery list helps your family add what you need to get from their phones and have it synced to yours. So, the next time you’re standing in the dairy aisle trying to remember if you have milk, just check the app.