Glamorous Closets Made Simple

Most women dream about having closets comparable to those owned by celebrities but lack the money and the square footage. I’m one of those women.

While some friends of mine (ahem, Tera) had the foresight to build custom closets into the design of their new homes, and others have been fortunate enough to have husbands who have allowed them to convert extra bedrooms into extended closets, I have not been so lucky. But I’m hear to tell you that it is still possible to achieve a closet worth drooling over, even with limited space.

Here are a few tips of my tips for making your closet the one of your dreams:

1. Clean it out.

While in some circles you may be envied for the excessive number of jeans you own, excess clothing and unnecessary clutter are the quickest and easiest ways to detour from the path to closet heaven.

If your goal is to achieve a closet envious of you friends and neighbors, remember this phrase:  it's not about quantity. Keep what you will (and do) wear and throw the rest out. There are a lot of great organizations like Ozanam and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City that would be more than appreciative of your hand me downs. If you are interested in making some extra cash off your gently used items, try selling them on eBay or my personal favorite,

2. Be consistent.

Organize by style first—I like to do it by clothing type, formality (dressy vs casual), and then color.  If you have enough room in your closet you can even go a step further and organize by season. 

Use the same hangers throughout for consistency. While nothing screams elegance like the use of wooden hangers, to maximize space, use non-slip huggable velvet hangers like these I found at Bed Bath and Beyond. (Did I mention they come in purple, teal and pink?!?)


3. Maximize your space

If you can't afford to build custom shelving or drawers, look for alternative options. Use the full height of your closet space - the top shelf is good for storing handbags, boots, winter sweaters or things you only use on occasion or during a certain time of year. The Container Store offers this great shoe and handbag organizer that fits perfectly on top of most closet shelves and will definitely help keep your space looking tidy and trendy. 

4. Add some flair. 

Wallpaper the back side of your shelves or add beautiful handles to a plain wardrobe door. These are all simple fixes that and will change the look immediately. Too scared to commit to wallpaper? Do like I did. Measure the backside of the wall and find a piece of sturdy foam board from your local arts and craft store. Wallpaper the foam board and place it in the back. Doing so allows you to remain non-committal because you can easily swap designs in and out.

closet wallpaper.JPG

5. Change your lighting.

Add some rope lighting beneath your shelves for a dramatic look or swap out your plain light with a chandelier like this one from Wilson Lighting. HINT: Keep an eye out on your local Facebook swap shop. I bought a great chandelier for my bathroom awhile back from the JoCo Used Furniture/Decor group.