Room Makeover: From Vomit-Worthy to Serene

In hindsight, I shouldn't have made the decision so quickly. I mean, what state of mind must I have been in to decide that my guest bedroom should be yellow. We were in the process of closing on the house and I wanted to make it my own before we moved in, paint swatches and color samples laid out in an overwhelming pile as I made split second decisions about wall color. Yellow. In theory, it's a nice thought; I wanted guests to feel happy and welcome in our guest bedroom. The paint went up – and then the sun went down – and I quickly realized that my cheery yellow bedroom turned an odd shade of yellow-green in certain light (the color that your skin turns right before you vomit). Awesome.

I've lived with the pre-vomit color on my guest bedroom walls for four years before deciding that drastic change was needed. My instigating force was the fact that I started to use the guest bedroom as my home office because my husband has completely taken over our actual home office with more monitor screens than one person should use, a maze of wires, and a layer of dust that he claims he will “get to.” I'm a writer; I need a space that fosters creativity in a clean and serene atmosphere. That's why I decided that the pre-vomit wall color had to go.

Fast forward four painstaking hours of painting and a few ridiculous aerobatic moves as I maneuvered around furniture that I was too lazy to move entirely out of the room (and, between you and me, I may have also told my children that the door was blocked by furniture to prevent their entry when I was really just enjoying some time alone with my paint brush. Shhhh.) I absolutely love that, in less than a day, a room can be entirely transformed, its energy cleansed, as new color goes on the wall and new life is breathed into the space. I now sit at my writing desk as ideas pour from my fingertips and my loyal dog sleeps at my feet, comforted by a room that I once got so wrong, but now got so right. You can do it, too. If there's a room in your house that's always bothered you, fix it. Buy the paint, throw the plastic down, and devote three or four hours into transforming your space. I promise that you'll be happy you did.

  • Color: Steely Gray (Sherwin Williams)
  • Gallery Wall: Select pieces from the shops in the West Bottoms, a vintage frame from my grandmother, an inspirational piece from Hobby Lobby, and a thoughtful gift from a friend who encouraged me to write from my heart.
  • Color Scheme: Apparently, I like yellow. The throw blanket and accent pillow were taking up room elsewhere in the house, so I moved them into my new space and loved how they compliment the wall color. Tip: Always shop your own house first; move things around before you invest in new pieces.
  • Desk: World Market; the perfect writing desk
  • Accessories: Amazing desk lamp (Gordman's); foo dog (At Home); bedside lamp (a thrift store re-do by yours truly); and gold sunburst (At Home)