Online Profile Picture Don'ts

I met my husband on a blind date.  Twelve years ago, before social media exploded.  We couldn’t stalk each other on social media before we connected.  We actually had to go on “blind” faith that our mutual friend knew what she was doing.  Lucky for us, she did.

There is no such thing as a blind date anymore.  Anywhere.  And it’s not just in the dating arena.  We can’t blind date in our career either.

Following up on my last post about the importance of professional headshots and how to use them, I’m now sharing a few tips on what not to do on any of your social media platforms where you have the opportunity to place your profile picture – or head shot. Things to stay away from:

1. Using a group photo and cropping people out.

2. Using a poorly lit or blurry photo.

3. Using filters.

4. Taking yourself too seriously.

5. Goofy expressions.

6. Not smiling or looking at the camera.

7. Being too far away or too close up to the camera.

8. Using a black & white photo.


Some of the above may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people violate these unwritten rules. We’re so comfortable using social media that we often forget about the vast audience that is viewing and reading what we post.  Think about the image that you want to convey and then post accordingly.