A Millennial in KC

Ah, to be a millennial. The generation who not only had a rocking childhood filled with Pop Rocks, VHS tapes, and green plastic turtle sandboxes, we then transitioned into adulthood with gadgets and gizmos of plenty. Life is full of opportunities to be great and being twenty, the potential is so close I can almost taste it.

At this time of my life I’m split down the middle of responsibilities and not-so-much. Being in this hub called Kansas City doesn’t help the decision. Do I save money and skip a Hot Country Nights at P&L? Do you pick up a book or go to a new fitness fad and snapchat every minute? Do I rally the troops and drag the group of pals to First Fridays? Well let me tell you, with new-hip stores and restaurants and bakery shops popping up, it is extremely hard to pick the stay home option. Who in their right mind would turn down a Doughnut with a trendy photoshoot just waiting to be emerged from the hollows of the IPhone 6s, rose gold edition? And even when you do pick to stay home, you sit and watch the newest season of the most hash-tagged show on Netflix. Or even worse, the new Bachelorette episode AND join in on the tweet-a-long. Basically, being a twenty in this moment, in Kansas City is non stop. Events, events, events, tweets, instas, snapchats. It’s about staying cool, staying hot, and staying connected.

Okay fine, that's not all there is. Its working your a$# off to get your dream job while its still age appropriate to dream to be a famous artist. Its about making your own choice to move out. Finding a summer job and networking - trying to weasel our way into internships. We (us twenties) are right on the teetering point of age. A young high schooler in a group chat with the senior class planning the Senior prank - to the College chick learning how long to cook a baked potato while trying to get prepared for a successful career by next summer. We are future business owners, future celebrities, future fashion and graphic designers. Future Presidents of the United States, scientists, writers, felons, zoo keepers. Each one of us makes the world go round. No pressure.  

I say, do it all. We only have one chance to do everything in front of us, do it all.

But don’t forget it is all about balance. Eat the fried Mac & Cheese balls from Cheese Cake Factory on the Plaza, but not too many. Get in the yoga scene, just question if it is reallllly “insta-worthy”. Go for a girls night at Westport but don’t pass on a family day at the K. Have a picnic out side on the Nelson lawn but never skip the Ellen Show at 3 o’clock, KMBC channel 9. Get your education and pick a career path but know that fart jokes are always funny! Be twenty something!