The Real KC provides women the tools they
need to tackle everyday life.

Separately, we might be the women who are so busy multi-tasking that we leave the drive-thru without taking our coffee and are too embarrassed to go back. But together, we're something else. We're friends and confidantes. We've been each other's career counselors and family therapists. We complain about our skin and then go in search of a miracle serum. We might be the ones who started The Real KC, but the team is bigger than us both. It's all of you, your ideas, and your willingness to share them. The team is a smorgasbord of thoughts and expertise that not one person could ever have alone. So, here's a little bit about us for now. From here on, it's all about you.

Jamie Needham
Partner, Head of Marketing & Digital Operations

Jamie's life is incredibly glamorous and filled with sparkly baubles, home cooked meals, a designer wardrobe, and a SUV that smells of lavender.  Um, yeah right (maybe now is the time to note she has a tendency to be a bit ornery and rather sarcastic.)

The truth is, while Jamie's work as a marketing executive can be rather exciting, she is just like every other woman out there - a working mom with three young kids whose days start too early and end too late. She lives off caffeine, keeps five different calendars, has to-do lists everywhere, and hasn't yet figured out how to master any updo other than a ponytail. Her life might not be glamorous, but it's full, and blessed, and ever-changing. 

Jamie has been a guest blogger for a variety of business publications and her work has earned numerous accolades, including the #9 spot on Sports Illustrated's "Best of Instagram" list. She has MBA in Marketing and currently sits on the Board of Directors for a non-profit organization which provides support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Look for Jamie up north, out south or somewhere in the middle. She is always on-the-go and always with caffeine in hand. 



Tiffany Killoren
Partner, Editor & Head of Media Relations

Tiffany wears many hats, but prefers the comfy one from her alma mater that she wears cheering her boys on from the stands.  Her resume may read lawyer, author, and freelance writer, but she thinks a description of life juggler, worry wart, and latte-lover might provide a more accurate picture of her daily life. 

A scribe at-heart, Tiffany loves writing stories that speak to readers' hearts and enjoys tackling the subjects that invite conversation and debate.  With articles featured in 435 Magazine, NORTH, and M Magazine, Tiffany served as Editor-in-Chief of NORTH Magazine after leaving private practice in 2015.  She has been a contributing writer with the Kansas City Moms Blog and has appeared on Fox 4's Morning Show, The Now KC, and Better KC to discuss her blog posts and magazine articles.  Her first novel, Six Weeks in Petrograd, was published in 2013 and she is currently working with her agent to sell two manuscripts that she's convinced would make fantastic films starring Ben Affleck. 

You can find Tiffany sitting on the second floor of her favorite coffee shop in Parkville, strolling English Landing Park with her husband and two boys, or trying not to be "that mom" at her sons' baseball games.



Our Contributors 

Part of what makes The Real KC so great is the number of contributors we have from a variety of different fields and levels of expertise. Unfortunately we cannot list them all here but do want to thank everyone for being a part of this great community. 

If you are interested in being a contributor to The Real KC, please contact us. We'd love to have you on board!