"Be a Rainbow" Framed Wood Sign

72016 1083.jpg
72016 1083.jpg

"Be a Rainbow" Framed Wood Sign



  • Wood Sign Measures: 12.5"x9.25" approximately
  • Background: White Acrylic Paint
  • Text: Gray, Teal, Green, Pink, and Dark Teal Acrylic Paint
  • Frame: 100% handcrafted, stained in special walnut and sanded/distressed
  • Back of sign: Unfinished pine, logo stamp, 1 saw tooth hanger attached



All of our signs @ Owltree are distressed. Each sign will be hand distressed individually, therefore no two signs will be exactly the same! This is what makes handmade products so special and one of a kind.

Knots, indentions, imperfections, etc. in the wood will be present and will vary with each sign. Keep in mind that during the distressing process, paint will be sanded away on both the text and the background of your signs. This is done purposefully to achieve a rustic, worn/aged look. *NO PROTECTIVE COATING IS APPLIED TO SIGNS TO ENSURE THEY STAY MATTE AND KEEP THEIR RUSTIC LOOK! * Because of this, your signs should not be used outdoor for a prolonged amount of time, as they are not protected from most severe weather conditions. Thank you!

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